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I am healed!

Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus replied: Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. John 9:2 


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Inside A Stammerer’s Pain

How does it feel like to have thoughts bottled up in you begging for freedom but finding none? I will not forget in a hurry.   

I used to be a stammerer. Yes the key word is "used to" because I'm…

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I Said I Must Write

So I said I must write and I didn't care about what. 

My Granny died 4 weeks ago and we were asked to write a tribute for the publication to be served on the day of her burial…

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Gratitude and Lessons Learnt in 2017

We have come to the end of the year, when people sit down to take account of their lives for the past 365 days, to review goals, identify shortcomings, take correction and make new year resolutions. While we are eager…

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My London office experience

So I've spent 4 weeks in my internship at Action on Smoking and Health, a public health charity in London which deals with advocacy and campaign to eliminate the harm to health due to tobacco smoke. It has been…

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5 Irritating Habits of a Housemate

Sharing a house with other adults can be an exciting and enriching experience. If not for any thing, a cure for loneliness, people to talk to, laugh with, and so on. You also learn from your housemates as no…

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My Experience at Hillsong Church, London

I visited Hillsong Dominion Theatre today. Scrap that. I worshiped at Hillsong church today. 'Visited' sounds like I went there for tourism. Well, there is a little truth to that, but I seriously was looking for a Pentecostal church…

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UNMSA 012 mourns her own

I pick my phone as I stand in the bus on my way back home from work. Reflexly my thumb goes to Whatsapp checking for new messages. I notice the blackout DP and the group name that has been…

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For We Are But Donkeys

Let the King take His ride On the street paved with glory The hails and the cheers The shouts and the screams They are not meant for us  But the One that we carry …
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The Ultimate Protection for your Children



So recently, there has been a lot of rave about immorality being introduced subtly into children content: cartoons, school textbooks, even biscuit designs. Parents are concerned and worried about their children going astray with all…

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All work and no play

So I'm currently cooling off even though I have my dissertation hand-in deadline looming at me. My supervisors are going on vacation next week and I've been told to have my draft ready for them to go through by Wednesday…

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Africans in UK: More than meets the eye

There is always more to people than meets the eye. I just had a 30 minutes conversation with a very sweet African lady. Once again I was reminded to respect every one not because of their status but because they…

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International student: Surviving the UK

  I do this student part time job at the University residential halls to keep body and soul together while on my Masters programme. I'm a catering assistant. Technically, I run the errands around the kitchen and dining…

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