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I Said I Must Write

So I said I must write and I didn't care about what. 

My Granny died 4 weeks ago and we were asked to write a tribute for the publication to be served on the day of her burial in May. The deadline for submission was last Thursday. I had thought I wasn't going to be able to write anything since I haven't had any inspiration to write this year. Not that I have not had any interesting experiences to be shared, but I was just waiting for the first line to drop on my lap before I would pick up my notepad to…

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Gratitude and Lessons Learnt in 2017

We have come to the end of the year, when people sit down to take account of their lives for the past 365 days, to review goals, identify shortcomings, take correction and make new year resolutions. While we are eager to focus on goals not achieved and to plan for the new year, I pray we do not forget to thank God for His faithfulness. The year might not have gone as we had hoped, but the One who is in charge of our lives might have altered your plans or allowed them go haywire because He is the One in…

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My London office experience

So I've spent 4 weeks in my internship at Action on Smoking and Health, a public health charity in London which deals with advocacy and campaign to eliminate the harm to health due to tobacco smoke. It has been a great experience working with colleagues from England, Scotland and USA and very cordial people at that. 

What more, I am excited to finally experience the corporate world especially since I never had a proper office job in Nigeria. All my work experience before now has been confined to hospital…

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5 Irritating Habits of a Housemate

Sharing a house with other adults can be an exciting and enriching experience. If not for any thing, a cure for loneliness, people to talk to, laugh with, and so on. You also learn from your housemates as no two persons are the same. We do things differently and are experts at different things, so we can teach and learn from each other. Unfortunately, these differences can be the cause of constant friction, irritation, arguments, bitterness, malice, brawls and all what nots. I have had roommates,…

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My Experience at Hillsong Church, London

I visited Hillsong Dominion Theatre today. Scrap that. I worshiped at Hillsong church today. 'Visited' sounds like I went there for tourism. Well, there is a little truth to that, but I seriously was looking for a Pentecostal church to worship at and was glad the Hillsong Dominion Theatre was not too far.  

Two weeks ago, I was out on a church hunt. On Googling churches near me, all I could find were St. this, St. that. Though I was brought up Catholic, I have long become a Pentecostal that I feared I…

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UNMSA 012 mourns her own

I pick my phone as I stand in the bus on my way back home from work. Reflexly my thumb goes to Whatsapp checking for new messages. I notice the blackout DP and the group name that has been changed to '012 Mourns'. I'm worried. 012 mourns what? I remember last night in the group was a whole lot of lamentation about the state of the country. So I'm not surprised at the name change. Maybe my classmates are still mourning for the situation of things in Nigeria. But that dark DP - I only see that when the…

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Keeping up with Radiant (Life in London)


Hi guys. I know you've not heard from me in a while. Really, I have no excuses. I could say I've had a lot on my plate like relocating to London, writing a professional exam, starting an internship, and all that jazz, but the truth is - I've been pretty lazy. Nothing should be enough to distract me from doing what I love the most. So, I'm really sorry I haven't met your expectations. I'm sorry for the times you've visited my blog, all to see that I had not posted anything new. I know that feeling. Like…

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For We Are But Donkeys

Let the King take His ride On the street paved with glory The hails and the cheers The shouts and the screams They are not meant for us  But the One that we carry For we are but donkeys   Let His choice not irk us Should he pick a mule ne'er ridden Or one without a medal A newbie to pedal May we remain content To work while we're hidden For we are but donkeys   May we never take pride On the miles that we cover It is not by our strength Nor is it by our might We achieve such great…
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The Ultimate Protection for your Children



So recently, there has been a lot of rave about immorality being introduced subtly into children content: cartoons, school textbooks, even biscuit designs. Parents are concerned and worried about their children going astray with all these as they cannot keep an eye on every single thing their children have access to. 

People are disconnecting from Dstv, banning children from movies, replacing their entertainment with books, etc. 

But there is one never failing protection. 

I grew up watching…

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All work and no play

So I'm currently cooling off even though I have my dissertation hand-in deadline looming at me. My supervisors are going on vacation next week and I've been told to have my draft ready for them to go through by Wednesday next week though I still have some analysis to do which I thought I was going to be shown how to do but got bubble-busted today. They had told me they will "show me" how and I went for today's meeting expectant. I stayed awake till 1:30 am this morning getting ready the results I needed…

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Africans in UK: More than meets the eye

There is always more to people than meets the eye. I just had a 30 minutes conversation with a very sweet African lady. Once again I was reminded to respect every one not because of their status but because they are human beings.

It was 6:30 pm. I was alone at the center where I had gone to read since morning. When I was leaving the house in the morning, I had taken two packs of food with me because I knew I would stay till late in the night. However, I wasn't feeling hungry so I didn't eat until then. So I…

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International student: Surviving the UK

  I do this student part time job at the University residential halls to keep body and soul together while on my Masters programme. I'm a catering assistant. Technically, I run the errands around the kitchen and dining areas - get the dining and servery ready for each meal, serve the students/clients, clear the plates, pans and pots of food, pass them through the dishwasher, stock them back in their shelves, clean the kitchen, dining and dishwasher, and so forth.  Yes. That is what you have to do to…

Keep on trucking

I have been blessed so much by this blog post by Pastor Bankie. So I have decided to share it with you. As young people, we are very concerned about what our future would be like. So much that we could neglect our humble beginnings of today while chasing the great future we hope for.  Read this post and see how God expects us to live life -- one day at a time. 


Published on 04 Jul, 2017 (blog.pastor.ng) 

KEEP ON TRUCKING (Life on a day-by-day basis) 

Posted by Pastor Bankie 


Therefore do not worry…

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Chyking 301

Dear chyker,


I am sorry you spent a fruitless 20 minutes sauntering about Primark with me this sweltry summer afternoon. Trust me, I wasn't playing hard to get when I refused to give you my number or answered your questions with questions. You, put yourself in my shoes. How would you take it if a total stranger walked up to you, not introducing himself but started with "Excuse me?" "Can you hear me?" "Where are you from?". I thought those lines were now archaic. Oh handsome you, how could you? In UK…

I Survived it

Today I stood and faced my fears 
I stood against what brought me tears 
I fought against what caused me shame 
That very thing that made me lame 
But I survived, I survived, I survived it 
I survived my fears 
I'm a survivor



I wrote this verse after a group presentation which I had dreaded because of my stammer. Well, my group mates refused to take it easy on me and gave me the hardest part (thankful to them though for helping me face my fears). I stammered through the presentation but I felt really…

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